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Well-spent December
Saturday, January 5, 2019

I just finished my second paper on 5 pm. It was unexpected, one quarter of the paper had the questions which were not covered in lecture notes. I am a little bit down right now, but I still have 4 papers to go. Might as well blog a post in remembrance of this. My memory is poor and getting poorer days by days. That's why I love calculation than memorization in a paper. Working through my logic provides the satisfaction memorizing cannot suffice me. I'm glad I don't take up biology-related course in the end :D The carelessness in calculation is something I can afford, comparing to not remembering facts that I have read through. 
Happy belated new year. Now that I shall anticipate my semester break, which will be followed by Chinese New Year. Here's a few pictures to sum up my well-spent December. A month of joy and tears. 

Deep down, I appreciate PKUM (Engineering Society University of Malaya) for the great exposure and unique opportunity given. We are invited to attend the Alumni Dinner for Faculty of Engineering. My task was to be in charge of the registration. We got to see one alumni who graduated in the first batch. PKUM has the same age as the faculty, celebrating its 60th anniversary (2018). So you can imagine, the alumni must be in his early 80s. Great catch-up with the alumni.

And so I survived this semester. I did 5 Problem Based Learning (PBL) experiment presentations, 1 Integrated Design I presentation, 1 Engineering Project Management presentation and 1 regular experiment presentation. 3 of the presentations and 1 technical project report submission were in week 13. In week 14, I submitted 2 group reports, 1 group assignment and had 3 tests. At one point of life I felt really devastated that the stress was so suffocating. Not to mention I had to submit 2 assignments and 1 tutorial even after the lecture weeks had finished (in my study week - aka preparation week for final examination). 

I came to realize that presentation was not difficult and my skill improved thanks to my boyfriend. Fyi, we are in a long distance relationship. I recorded the video of my preparation and sent it to him, he coached me along. "The intonation... Here goes the pause..." I got complimented by Dr. Fazly. For an introvert, it was more than everything. 

My PBL team mates.

The two main reasons I joined that 100m relay run were for merit purpose and to fulfill the promise I had made. I never went to practise. The UM Arena was a twenty minutes walking distance from my residential college. Two days before the competition, finally I decided to go for practise. I fell down because I failed to pass the baton. I fell face-down. I thought it was fine, just some scratches caused by the track on my limbs. Leona (the one I was supposed to pass the baton to) accompanied me to the washroom to rinse off the blood. And it actually hurt. We went back to the track and my teammates came to ask about my injury. I burst out crying, partly due to the pain and mainly was my sham. I was never tough but brittle and fragile. I bruised my right lower jaw, right arm, both knees and the most serious part was my waist. It's sort of weird that I hurt my waist. 

My right arm. The injury has healed but the scar is terribly ugly, given CNY is approaching. 

My waist injury, the size of my pinkie.

We got into the final but didn't win any medal. The process is all that matters, isn't it?

Christmas gift exchange of PKUM, I got a planner and gave out a notebook. The exchange was based on draw. You will know who you are going to buy the gift for and what are those they want. I got Alicia, who had a wish list as follows:
  1. Handmade stuff (Something special)
  2. A world without anger and lies
  3. To go home
As you can see, my Week 13 and 14 were packed, I hardly had the chance to hunt for a gift and handmade one. Instead, I bought something practical, a blank cover notebook and drew a dolphin for her (her favorite animal). It turned out that she love it. 

Thank you Melur.

A full attendance course mates Christmas gathering to officially end the hectic 5th semester. And we had our gift exchange as well. Officially broke af, haha. I got small pouches and sheet masks. Thanks Zhu San. 

Thank you roommate for the Christmas butter cookies. I felt like it's already CNY, haha.

Blessed Christmas.

Looking forward to this year Christmas, loves.

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Little happiness
Sunday, December 2, 2018

Hello December. It is currently the 12th week of my fifth semester. Frankly speaking, it has been a crazy semester as for the first time ever I'm taking 20 credit hours. The tutorials never seem to end. Just to make matter worse, I have joined up 4 college projects (Jom Tanam Pokok, Pemimpin, iUM Disrupt, Neon Run UM) and 1 track & field (100m relay run), for the sake of staying in college/hostel. Fyi, in my second year I only joined 2 college projects and 1 track & field. Life is challenging and I like how I manage my life despite being stressful.

This is a festive month, for Christmas is coming, followed by New Year. How exciting it is! I spent money on buying birthday gifts for 3 of my friends. I would love to have a Christmas Gift Exchange party with my beloved friends. It'd be lovely, but I'm too broke for that. Opps. Life as a student is always poor. Nevertheless, a gift is always a blessing. Now that we are in Third Year, it's only a matter of time till we actually graduate and start working. By then, the melancholy is, I can hardly see them. It's therefore best to cherish every single moment now. I did flower doodle for their birthday cards, just a quarter of A4 folded into two. The sketching is from phone, in which I adjusted the brightest scale my screen can go, and did a rough sketching. Then I started using normal black ink pen and drew the details. So you can see it's quite nice, even for a person who doesn't really know the basic of drawing hehe. Doodling is sort of a hobby. I should probably start reading instead of procrastinating. 

Bird of paradise; Lavender.

Cosmos; Camellia.

And if you happen to drop by and read my post, do leave me a comment. It really surprised me that there are people who are actually actively blogging and blog-hopping. Thank you for those who left comments in my last post. Appreciate it very much. Stay strong both of you, for if the sun doesn't shine today, it is still there. 

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Good day. It's almost the end of July. I have passed half of my semester break and August has been a promising one, I'm going to Penang, KL, Jeju island and Cameron Highlands! How thrilling and exciting it is!

Books I have read throughout the month:

  1. The Day I Died 
  2. The Longest Ride
  3. Best Kept Secret
  4. The Girl Who Played With Fire
  5. The River of No Return
  6. So Cold The River - reading 
Movies & Drama I have watched recently:

  1. Alice Through the Looking Glass
  2. 扶摇 - A China drama I would recommend! (Watching)
  3. 前男友不是人 - A Taiwan short drama. (Watching)
  4. Netflix series: Black Mirror - Recommended!
  5. Netflix series: 13 Reasons Why 
  6. Netflix series: Baby Boss Back in Business - Cute cartoon for relieving stress hehe
I do not work part-time, despite wanting to (as mentioned above I'm going for vacation). I find the semester break good, I can do whatever I want to, and be by the side of my parents. Because of hectic university life, I have not read a single book in this year. The 6 books I list above are the books I have read in 2018. Reading can somehow be self-assuring, to encourage me to treasure the hard work of the authors, to look up to the values inside it and to learn the short escape from reality.

It's somehow saddening to learn the truth - Blogger is no longer the fave and has gradually been replaced by other social media, namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It has been fun to make friends through blogging, reading their entries and leaving a tag. FYI I quit Fb a month ago, when I notice that I spent way too much precious time scrolling the endless feed and procrastinating, I lost my time to study for my final examination. It's an addiction which has unhealthy side-effects to relationship and health. My mum has nagged me for quitting Fb, that I lose contact with the latest news/offers/promotions. I am rather happy for the release from the invisible prison tbh.

I've changed my blogskins :D I think I come to realize that www.blogskins.com was no longer active last year. Which is another sorrow truth to know. Blogging has been a happy thing for me, it has almost been a decade I blog (on and off). Leave me a comment what has been your favorite pastime! :)


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