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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Good day. It's almost the end of July. I have passed half of my semester break and August has been a promising one, I'm going to Penang, KL, Jeju island and Cameron Highlands! How thrilling and exciting it is!

Books I have read throughout the month:

  1. The Day I Died 
  2. The Longest Ride
  3. Best Kept Secret
  4. The Girl Who Played With Fire
  5. The River of No Return
  6. So Cold The River - reading 
Movies & Drama I have watched recently:

  1. Alice Through the Looking Glass
  2. 扶摇 - A China drama I would recommend! (Watching)
  3. 前男友不是人 - A Taiwan short drama. (Watching)
  4. Netflix series: Black Mirror - Recommended!
  5. Netflix series: 13 Reasons Why 
  6. Netflix series: Baby Boss Back in Business - Cute cartoon for relieving stress hehe
I do not work part-time, despite wanting to (as mentioned above I'm going for vacation). I find the semester break good, I can do whatever I want to, and be by the side of my parents. Because of hectic university life, I have not read a single book in this year. The 6 books I list above are the books I have read in 2018. Reading can somehow be self-assuring, to encourage me to treasure the hard work of the authors, to look up to the values inside it and to learn the short escape from reality.

It's somehow saddening to learn the truth - Blogger is no longer the fave and has gradually been replaced by other social media, namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It has been fun to make friends through blogging, reading their entries and leaving a tag. FYI I quit Fb a month ago, when I notice that I spent way too much precious time scrolling the endless feed and procrastinating, I lost my time to study for my final examination. It's an addiction which has unhealthy side-effects to relationship and health. My mum has nagged me for quitting Fb, that I lose contact with the latest news/offers/promotions. I am rather happy for the release from the invisible prison tbh.

I've changed my blogskins :D I think I come to realize that www.blogskins.com was no longer active last year. Which is another sorrow truth to know. Blogging has been a happy thing for me, it has almost been a decade I blog (on and off). Leave me a comment what has been your favorite pastime! :)


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Thursday, July 5, 2018

It just appeared to be fate, that on occasion, I had found myself the link to the excel sheet containing the merit marks of all the residents in my college. They (those who are superior) had decided that for those who scored 19 marks and above will be automatically granted the hostel placement. And I only scored a 16. I couldn't help but starting to worry about where am I going to stay in my third year of degree.

The thing about public university is, you need to fight to secure enough merit marks in order to stay at the residential college. And the merit system works differently according to the university. Like wise, University of Science Malaysia (USM), the students just have to attend any activities that will provide them with the merit. In University of Malaya, that is not the case. Basically, there are three types of activities: university, college and faculty. This means the participation in university activity will not provide you the merit mark to stay college. You should only join any college activity to top up the merit mark (college), which appear differently in the myum (student spectrum) and complicate the matter.

Throughout my second year, I have only joined 3 college activities and get 16 marks (previously we have no idea the weightage of merit mark from respective activity). And I have started to join more faculty activities, after all, when I'm about to graduate, the industry people only care if I have joined things related to my course. I joined 3 faculty activities as well, in which one competition fails to be organised.

I found out the link almost a month ago, before my final examination started. Can you imagine how powerful the thought is that it haunt me for one month. I just cannot bear to have to find somewhere outside of university to stay and having to transport by bus to get into my faculty. It is much cheaper staying in college/hostel, time-saving and convenient. When the result of application announced on 25th June, I did not secure a placement as expected and I couldn't help but worry again. I did what I can, I appealed in the system, I personal messaged the felo in charge. They said there will be vacancy for the seniors as the diploma students expected to stay have been arranged another accommodation. I waited for a week but the effort was in vain. I worried further. It was then my ex-roommate came upon me and asked if I have gotten the hostel. So I personal messaged the felo again and to his reply, I was shortlisted but there had been some technical mistake, resulting in me not getting the placement. Therefore he quickly approved my application. I can't help but heave a sigh of relief, the thought that haunted me once is nowhere to be found.

The feeling is so intense and the impact is vivid. It may seem silly of me but I do fight to top up my merit marks - I went for another 3 interviews (college events) but they rejected me all at last. The world is never fair but please fight for what you think is worth the battle.

I decided that in a year, I should at least read a book. Otherwise I will live in guilt and be drown in the sea of ignorance. So I eyed on the blockbuster rack at Popular and forced myself to pick one book months ago. I purchased the novel The Day I Died by Polly Courtney. The choice of author is crucial in selecting a book. This thought rang again in my mind when I purchased another book five weeks ago, The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I have finished up both books. Ride is indeed an interesting novel, Nicholas' books have never failed to surprise me. And now I'm reading Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer. Reading has changed my view somewhat, no doubt turning me into the better version.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's raining and the weather is a little bit cold as the wind blows. It's already a week into August. My semester break is coming to an end soon. First of all, I would like to congratulate and wish my Form Six friends all the best in their first year of degree life. For those who got lucky to enter Universiti Malaya, do enjoy your Minggu Haluan Siswa/ Minggu Hilang Suara (MHS), you may not like it, but you're not going to have a another MHS in your life. The fact that I'm no longer little buddy haunts me sometimes. It's good to be treated nicely isn't it? But it's time to grow up, shoulder some responsibilities and get myself a little buddy or two instead.  As if life is a one way train.
I went for a trip in China on 21st of July along with my beloved family. We took a flight from KLIA2 to JieYang ChaoShan airport around 1530. 

Due to my light copper brown skin, in order to see my face feature clearly the brightness was adjusted, tada, resulting in an over exposure picture. We later headed to ShanTou to have dinner, which was an hour drive away from the airport. The dinner is called 十八式, which means 18 dishes. Imagine having to try out 18 dishes, I felt as I was being treated a princess lolol. By the way, just for your information, we were under a tour group of approximately 10 people. What I would say, that was considered a luxurious tour group. Having only 13 people (10 of us plus one driver, one tour leader & one tour guide) in a 35-person-travel-bus.

Have a look of this princess-like hotel room! Personally I came to like this hotel room very much.
At night we were free to go around the area nearby our hotel. So we walked to the nearest shopping center and grabbed some fresh fruits, don't doubt me. My parents love fruits very much haha.

After our light breakfast, we headed to XiaMen. On the way there, we stopped by a few destinations.

Boat trip.

Old XiaMen meteorological observatory, now a tourist attraction.

We visited quite a number of parks in this trip. The government has been taking care of the citizens well to build these facilities around. As it's summer in China, the weather was roasting hot, grilling me to sweat.

Passed by XiaMen University.

Me tucking in my top, candid huh?

Historical buildings, the highlight of this trip.


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