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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's raining and the weather is a little bit cold as the wind blows. It's already a week into August. My semester break is coming to an end soon. First of all, I would like to congratulate and wish my Form Six friends all the best in their first year of degree life. For those who got lucky to enter Universiti Malaya, do enjoy your Minggu Haluan Siswa/ Minggu Hilang Suara (MHS), you may not like it, but you're not going to have a another MHS in your life. The fact that I'm no longer little buddy haunts me sometimes. It's good to be treated nicely isn't it? But it's time to grow up, shoulder some responsibilities and get myself a little buddy or two instead.  As if life is a one way train.
I went for a trip in China on 21st of July along with my beloved family. We took a flight from KLIA2 to JieYang ChaoShan airport around 1530. 

Due to my light copper brown skin, in order to see my face feature clearly the brightness was adjusted, tada, resulting in an over exposure picture. We later headed to ShanTou to have dinner, which was an hour drive away from the airport. The dinner is called 十八式, which means 18 dishes. Imagine having to try out 18 dishes, I felt as I was being treated a princess lolol. By the way, just for your information, we were under a tour group of approximately 10 people. What I would say, that was considered a luxurious tour group. Having only 13 people (10 of us plus one driver, one tour leader & one tour guide) in a 35-person-travel-bus.

Have a look of this princess-like hotel room! Personally I came to like this hotel room very much.
At night we were free to go around the area nearby our hotel. So we walked to the nearest shopping center and grabbed some fresh fruits, don't doubt me. My parents love fruits very much haha.

After our light breakfast, we headed to XiaMen. On the way there, we stopped by a few destinations.

Boat trip.

Old XiaMen meteorological observatory, now a tourist attraction.

We visited quite a number of parks in this trip. The government has been taking care of the citizens well to build these facilities around. As it's summer in China, the weather was roasting hot, grilling me to sweat.

Passed by XiaMen University.

Me tucking in my top, candid huh?

Historical buildings, the highlight of this trip.

Saturday, March 4, 2017




Sunday, December 25, 2016
Merry Christmas

I checked on my blog just now and realised it has been more than 2 months of me neglecting my blog.  Well, let's wrap my condition in this one post, on this very Christmas in 2016.
First of all, I would like to wish everyone of you, a Merry Christmas.  I'm currently having my study week and going to have my first exam on 27th of December.  Life is pretty hectic here in UM.  So far, I've officially completed my commitments in two events - Larian Gegar 2016 and Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya 2016.  It was almost without realisation that with this packed schedule of me having classes and meetings and events in between, I got to enjoy my life having suppers and outings with my lovely friends and coursemates.  We just need some sort of escape don't we?
There are times I come to regret why I join that much of activities and tearing myself to sheer exhaustion.  Frankly speaking, I never ever like to join activities during my secondary school. I stayed away from any activities if it's possible, I joined club which I didn't need to attend on weekly basis, I didn't participate in sports competition.  And then I started form six, I intended to become a prefect, I was the vice editor for school magazine.  There came the twist in my life, I succeeded to get into matriculation, I joined Orator club (compulsory), I joined Biology Club, I joined in making Tanglung celebration a success.  Because I decided that, I should join more activities to pull up my socks, to harness my skills, to upgrade myself, so that I have myriad of experiences when I step into the society, I don't want to regret no more.
Despite being all tired like a dog, the satisfaction of being committed wins it all. All right, I shall continue my studies, good luck to all. I will update my blog next year, stay tune!


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